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What I find interesting is connecting the dots between big-picture software architecture and low-level details. Big-picture software architecture impacts low-level details. Low-level details affect the big-picture. Understanding how they're entangled has helped me become a better software engineer, and I hope it will do the same for you.

I'm a software architect with over 20 years of software engineering experience. I design architectures for SaaS and on-premise applications with an emphasis on security. My passion is establishing architecture teams and leveling up the skills of an engineering team.

My goal is to provide information, tools, and resources to develop the careers of other software engineers.

In the Dev Details newsletter, I share my thoughts and experiences on software architecture from a bird's-eye-view and at ground level. 

High-level topics such as:

  • The business impact of architecture

  • Scalability, both of architecture and of teams

  • Building a software engineering career and mentoring others

  • Running architecture teams

Low-level details such as:

  • Testing, particularly from a behavior and test-driven development perspective

  • Secure software architecture and secure coding best practices

  • Maintaining code bases as they evolve

  • Deep dive debugging

  • Performance testing and improvements

Sometimes I will talk about high-level topics. Sometimes I will do deep dives. In either case, my goal is that you will learn something new that will aid your software engineering career.

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Big-picture software architecture, low-level details, and how they're entangled.


A Software Architect that connects the dots between big-picture software architecture and low-level details.